Cuba 2007

In June/July 2007, I went to Cuba for a holiday. Click on the following links to find my diary and photos for each day.

As a result of this trip, I've produced some waymarks for driving from Santiago to Baracoa, Baracoa to Santiago, Havana to Las Terrazas, Las Terrazas to Vinales and Vinales to Havana. As well as waymarks, there are links to satellite images of the crucial turns.

day date location
Day 01 Wed 27th June 2007 Home to Havana
Day 02 Thu 28th June 2007 Havana
Day 03 Fri 29th June 2007 Havana to Baracoa waymarks
Day 04 Sat 30th June 2007 Baracoa
Day 05 Sun 1st July 2007 Baracoa
Day 06 Mon 2nd July 2007 Baracoa to Santiago waymarks
Day 07 Tue 3rd July 2007 Santiago
Day 08 Wed 4th July 2007 Santiago
Day 09 Thu 5th July 2007 Santiago to Las Terrazas waymarks, waymarks
Day 10 Fri 6th July 2007 Las Terrazas
Day 11 Sat 7th July 2007 Las Terrazas
Day 12 Sun 8th July 2007 Las Terrazas to Vinales waymarks
Day 13 Mon 9th July 2007 Vinales
Day 14 Tue 10th July 2007 Vinales
Day 15 Wed 11th July 2007 Vinales to Home waymarks

Barry Cornelius
July 2007