The Oxfordshire Way

Day 6: Tiddington to Lewknor

Sunday 27th August

Getting there:

  0928   1028
    35     35
  0951   1051
Oxford SA
  1010   1110
    280    280
  1042   1142

Getting back:

  xx10 25 40 55 1710 23 38 53 1805 17 29
  xx44 59 14 29 1744 57 12 27 1839 51 03
Oxford SA
  xx00 xx30
  xx21 xx57

Today's route (with distances in miles):
Tiddington 1.3 Rycote 2.8 Tetsworth 5.0 Pyrton 1.4 Ridgeway turn-off 2.4 Lewknor

Today's diary:

From Tiddington, the route continues to Rycote and Tetsworth.

As usual, today's photos can be found by following the link given above. The first three photos are of a cow. I think I accidentally set the camera to manual exposure and that's why these are over-exposed.

I'm not sure what kind of animal is in the next photo.

Just the other side of Rycote, I came across some very friendly cows (see two photos).

I arrive in Tetsworth at about 1230 and have a half of Greene King IPA at the Old Red Lion (see photo). It's really good. I've changed my mind about this beer. Although it's too early for lunch, I could have another half, but it'll have to be the IPA again 'cos they haven't got anything else. But that would be OK. I see from the map that there's another pub. So instead I head off for that. It's the White Swan, except these days it's some antiques place that has a restaurant and a bar. I poke my head around the door, and decide it's not me. Should have had the other half of IPA.

The route continues under the M40 (see photo).

I find some more friendly cows (see photo). This time I'm in the same field as them, and so I have to shout at them to keep them away!

The route then passes through a large field full of thistles. The book says carry on in the same direction. And there is some sort of path (see two photos) but, when you start walking through these thistles you have to have a great leap of faith that you're going to finish up in the right place on the far side of the field. It worked, but I was well covered with thistles and with many irritating small scratches.

Nearing Adwell, I suddenly disturb a red kite (see photo). From here on for the rest of the afternoon, I see several red kites, and hear a lot more.

Adwell has some nice grounds and a seat (see photo) says it's lunchtime. Today it's a slice of pizza (which turns out to have bits of chicken on it), a chocolate brownie, a banana and orange juice.

I suddenly come across a church which seems to be miles from anywhere (see photo).

I also take a photo of the Chilterns which appear in the distance.

A plane sheds its load of parachutes (see photo).

At Pyrton (which is 9.1M from Tiddington), according to the book and the web, there is The Plough. It's described on the web as a 17th Century thatched pub/restaurant with car parking, small garden, has also been listed in the CAMRA Real Ale Guide for several years. Friday night fish and chips. Somehow, even though I allegedly walk pass it, I didn't see it. I guess if it had been 20 to 3 rather than 20 past 3, I might have been paying more attention!

From Pyrton, it's 1.4M to the junction with the Ridgeway. This is all on tarmac which is boring.

From the junction of the Oxfordshire Way and the Ridgeway (see photo), it's 2.4M to the westbound bus-stop of the Oxford Tube. The Ridgeway is as boring as ever, and rutted terribly with usage by 4 wheel drives. These have now been banned, but it'll take years for the ground to recover.

Need less to say, having seen only one person on the Oxfordshire Way during the last six days, as soon as I hit the Ridgeway, there are loads of people: I think I see 13 people whilst walking the 2.4M.

There's a 15 minute service back to Oxford from Lewknor using the Oxford Tube and it's 5.00 return or free if you have a Goldrider ticket like I have. And so I only have to wait about 5 minutes before a Oxford Tube bus arrives.