Day 7: Great Rollright to Kingham

Day 7: Great Rollright to Kingham Use this link to get the itinerary of today's walk.

A tiring day. So even terser comments than previously! One surprise coming up later!

Here is a link to today's photos.

Rollright Stones consist of the King's Stone (two photos, one having a hawk of some kind I think), two stroppy notices, the King's Men (two photos) and the Whispering Knights (one photo).

Hey it's a helicopter (two photos): no this is not today's surprise although it was surpirsing to see one when I got to Little Rollright. Little village, hardly any houses, getting the makeover, big construction site (no photos) boss man came today and then he left frightening the nearby cows.

A wood. Another wood.

The village of Salford looks nice (one photo of some houses and two of the church).

The next three photos (some gravestones and two photos of some weird faces) were taken at Cornwell church.

The village of Cornwell is weird because it's main street is not a public right of way (two photos).

The next five photos contain the surprise. I did not dare to get any closer (so I would not frighten it). I haven't got GIMP easily available at home, but here is a link to one of the photos in an unreduced size.

In Kingham Hill Farm I came across two horses.

And saw some more hay near ro the village of Churchill.

And this woman was staring down at me from a tree near to Churchill.

The pub at Churchill is called Chequers. It really is a stylish restaurant. Expesnive. I had a ham and cheese sandwich which was 5 pounds. I also had a pint of Hookey and a half of Adnams Broadside (4.7%).

The chruch at Churchill has a tower that is scaled-down model of Magdalen College (Oxford) and its walls (?buttresses) are based on New College (Oxford) and its ceilings on Christ Church Hall (Oxford). I took two photos of it.

More bales of hay.

The next two photos are of the Butter Cross at Sarsden. This is the cross where they celebrated the opening of the D'Arcy Dalton Way in September 1987.

Yet more bales of hay.

And another horse.

And a reflection in a lake.

And a flower.

The next four phtotos are Lord Moreton's Seat and the ornamental gateposts nearby.

A silly photo of me.

And the final photo is of two large trees near to Bruern Abbey.

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Images produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service.
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