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On Wednesday 3rd July 2003, I took part in the Watergate 5K race at Lobley Hill in Gateshead. This was my 100th race!

My obsession with road running started on 11th March 2001 when I started training with 8 others from the IT Service at the University of Durham. We call ourselves ITS Club 9. We did our first race on 9th June 2001.

So I've completed the 100 races in just over 2 years.

My thanks to those that have encouraged me and helped me achieved this. In particular, thanks to ITS Club 9 (who have trained and raced with me), those that have cheered me at races (Gilbert, Hetty, Karl, ... ), and those fellow-runners who started off as strangers but who now chat at races and some even talk about my WWW pages!

Click here for a photo of me running in the 100th race. It shows my poor running style but my excuse is that I'm trying to avoid the glare of the sinking sun. (Thanks to Steve Rampton of the LFRC for the photo.)

Jason constructed a T-shirt commemorating my 100th race. Brilliant! After the race, we went to an excellent pub in Low Fell called The Aletaster for a pint and a photo-shoot (!). Click here and here for photos of the T-shirt.

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