photos of the Kielder Wild Race 2003

This year's Wild Race at Kielder Castle took place on July 6th 2003. It is one of a series of wild races organised by All Terrain EVENTS. (As I'd done a gruelling half marathon the day before, I didn't do the Kielder race this year. Instead, I took some photos.)

The results of this race are available on the All Terrain EVENTS' WWW site.

This race is featured on pages 84 and 85 of the October 2003 edition of Runners World. There are four photos, including photos of Graham Bell (813), Tom Brannon (890) and John Edmondson (790).

Click on the links below to see my photos of this race.

Please e-mail me if there are any errors in the details given below or you can identify any of the unidentified runners. Thanks.

Before the race

01     790:Edmondson
02     733:Scotney
03     733:Scotney

At the top of a climb near the start of the race

04     891:Coxon     935:Grey
05     891:Coxon     935:Grey
06     632:Ross     204:Nichol
07     828:Bell
08     725:Stewart     685:Allen
09     889:Gilroy     819:Armstrong     755:Laws
10     819:Armstrong     755:Laws
11     797:Daly
12     790:Edmondson     627:Tunstall     879:Bright
13     790:Edmondson     627:Tunstall
14     796:Davidson     879:Bright
15     918:Moore     897:Hume     733:Scotney     719:Thompson     725:Stewart     741:Reekie
16     741:Reekie     725:Stewart

Just over 1K from the end of the race

17     891:Coxon
18     935:Grey
19     828:Bell
20     685:Allen
21     824:Horsley     852:Hirons     925:Wilson
22     830:Hutchinson
23     876:Harper     782:Gibbon     819:Armstrong
24     782:Gibbon     819:Armstrong
25     879:Bright
26     790:Edmondson     870:Furchon     848:Outram
27     790:Edmondson     870:Furchon     848:Outram
28     918:Moore     733:Scotney     897:Hume
29     918:Moore     733:Scotney     977:unknown     897:Hume
30     733:Scotney     977:unknown     897:Hume
31     800:Crawford     711:Whitfield

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